Advanced professional pre and probiotic cosmetic line that acts on the skin microbiome.

What is the skin microbiome?
Considered as the fourth layer of the skin, it is made up of a community of bacteria and microorganisms (Lactobacillus, Staphylococcus, Micrococcus, Streptococcus, etc.) that live in harmony with us and have a beneficial role in the health and condition of the skin. , as occurs with intestinal microflora and body health.

What is the function of the community of bacteria and microorganisms?
They participate in the production of vitamins, enzymes and peptides that maintain the functional and structural integrity of the skin, its barrier function and the innate immune system of defense.

How does the BIOHARMONY line benefit me?
Reestablishes and maintains the body’s skin microbiome in optimal conditions, through the contribution of prebiotics and probiotics, to avoid and correct both skin alterations and disorders in sensitive, reactive, attacked and altered skin due to various factors:
– Stress and anxiety.
– Hormonal imbalances.
– Medicines.
– Aggressive oncological treatments.
– Environmental factors such as pollution, solar radiation, sudden environmental changes.
– Contact with nitrate, chlorine, detergents, etc.
– Age.


Bioharmony specific cabin products are developed to be applied by the expert hands of the beauty center professional. Our technical team defines the most appropriate method and treatment and transmits it to the professional.
Ask at your beauty center for professional Bioharmony treatments from Tegoder Cosmetics.

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