Black Diamond

Stimulation of natural defenses


50 ml

Bodegón Black Diamond Magnetic Mask, mascarilla facial biomagnética

Ultra-revitalizing biomagnetic facial mask, based on magneto-cosmetics, cosmetics that take advantage of biomagnetism to stimulate skin vitality and show off a more luminous and youthful skin. Black Diamond Magnetic Mask recharges the skin’s energy, remineralizes, detoxifies, reaffirms, repairs and brings luminosity to it.

Main active ingredients:

  • Black diamond: a luxurious and singular variety of diamond which illuminates, stimulates and recharges the skin´s energy.
  • Black truffle: a mushroom known as black diamond with a powerful composition of nutrients capable of energizing and revitalizing the millions of cells present in the skin of the face.
  • Magnetic microparticles: with stimulating, oxygenating, revitalizing and detoxifying action

How to use:
Spread evenly on cleansed and dry face and neck, with the help of a spatula. Avoid contact with eyes. Let it act at least for 10 minutes, with the possibility of being prolonged up to a maximum of 30 minutes. Next, wrap the magnet, TDC Magnet, with a tissue folded in half and pass it near the skin surface, in order to remove the mask. Change the tissue from the magnet frequently until all rests of mask have been eliminated. Clean the excess of unabsorbed product with a dry tissue.

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