Mature Skins



30 ml

Imagen del caviar Deluxe Serum de Tegoder Cosmetics

Concentrated regenerating facial serum based on pure caviar designed to provide the skin with all the nutrients it needs ,and revitalize even the most damaged skins. Its formula, with great repairing power, moisturizes the skin and develops a deep regeneration of mature skin, thanks to the pure caviar-based formulation. An authentic cure to revitalize damaged skin . From the first application, the skin appears more luminous, velvety and smooth.

Main active principles:
Caviar: has a very high content of essential amino acids, proteins, essential fatty acids and trace elements. Caviar contains the same vital substances as the skin, even some, in higher amounts. It is rich in proteins, which are essential for the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers. Because of its lipid content, it helps maintain an optimal level of moisture. It also provides a large amount of vitamins and minerals that give this active principle a great power of repair.

How to use:
Apply on cleansed skin by means of a gentle massage until it is totally absorbed.

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