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PACK (personal use)

Cryodren Concentrate 150 ml  |  Cryodren Lif Cream 200 ml

Pack Cryodren, tratamiento corporal circulatorio

Intensive action body pack indicated for fluid retention, poor blood return, swelling and tired legs. Remarkably reduces the contour of the affected areas, improving the silhouette and provides a sense of relief, comfort and rest. Cryodren Pack contains:
Cryodren Pack contiene:
Cryodren Concentrate: body concentrate.
Cryodren Lif Cream: body cream.

Main active principles:

  • Ginger-3: a plant extract with recognized antiradical, antioxidant, vasoprotective, circulatory and anti-inflammatory properties. It is obtained by supercritical CO2, a technique that has revolutionized the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, by allowing the extraction and purification of substances with a high added value.
  • Bilberry: contains active substances with vasoprotective, circulatory and draining properties.
  • Butcher´s broom: is incorporated into our exclusive formula, due to its vasoconstrictive and decongestive properties. It reinforces the circulatory and lymphatic system.
  • Sweet Clover extract: due to its content in coumarins, it regulates and activates the lymphatic system.
    Red vine: has components necessary to combat venous insufficiency and cutaneous capillary fragility.

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