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Presentation: 6 ml

Estuche Eye Line Eyelash serum, revitalizante de pestañas

Innovative eyelash revitalizing serum based on regenerative therapy, formulated with an ultra-revitalizing complex, a moisturizing complex and a group B vitamin complex. It activates, favors and protects eyelashes´ growth phase.
Eyelash Serum is easy and quick to apply. It is applied on the eyelid to directly release the active ingredients to the eyelashes´root. It does not contain perfume, neither colourings nor parabens. Longer, stronger and denser lashes.

Main active principles:
Three exclusive innovator complex , created by our technical team.
Ultrarevitalizing complex: activates and promotes the natural, strong and healthy growth of eyelashes.
Hydrating complex: provides elasticity and flexibility to the eyelashes.
Vitamin B group complex: energizing, protective and repairing.

How to use:
Apply preferably at night, after removing make-up, on the clean and dry upper eyelid, at the base of the eyelashes. Leave to act until completely absorbed before applying another product.

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