Beauty and well-being for your body

Harmony SPA Line, formulated with natural active ingredients, is professional cosmetics line that extracts and combines the most exquisite benefits of the sea, the land and the most distinguished flower extracts in order to offer them to the skin with a clear purpose: harmonise, balance, protect, soothe and repair the skin, as well as providing a comfort and well-being situation to it.

Besides, all the products in Harmony SPA Line feature an exclusive texture, highly pleasant and sensory that provides a beneficial state, which arrives through the senses and is reflected on the skin look.

This is a cosmetic line especially developed for the treatment of the following skin types:

  • Dehydrated
  • Undernourished
  • Sensitive
  • Stressed and/or altered

Due to different factors such as over exposure to the sun, chlorine, saltpetre or pollution.


Cabin specific products are developed to be applied by the expert hands of the beauty center professional.
Our technical team defines the most appropriate method and treatment and transmits it to the professional.
Ask your beauty center about the professional treatments of Tegoder Cosmetics.

Bote de Atomized Sea Peeling

Body scrub in cream to renew the skin, detoxify it of toxins and impurities and improve its texture.

Bote de Body Wrap

Body wrapping that provides the benefits of the land through active ingredients of land origin.

Bote de Flower Cream

Antioxidant, moisturising, nourishing and restoring body cream.

Bote de Plankton Essence

Intensive serum with a high concentrate in oils of plankton, spirulina and chlorella.

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