Pack (personal use)

Bodegón Modelfit, pack corporal completo

Full body treatment pack against localized and more rebellious fat.
Complete body pack for daily use against localized fat, which reduces body contour, remodels and improves the silhouette. It reduces the accumulation of lipids at night and transforms the fat into muscle fibers. Modelfit Pack contains:

  • Modelfit Concentrate: specific body concentrate to reduce contour and reshape the silhouette. With heat effect.
  • Modelfit Cream: reducing and body remodelling cream that acts on the most rebellious fat.

Main active ingredients:

  • Modelfit complex:this exclusive and innovative complex of planktonic origin obtained by biotechnology has reductive and remodelling action. It reduces the synthesis of nocturnin , protein responsible for accumulating fat at night ,and increases the production of adiponectin, responsible for transforming fat into muscle fibers.
  • Drosera ramentacea: carnivorous plant extract with an important reducing activity.
  • Caffeine: stimulant and diuretic.
  • Green tea: well known for its antioxidant and lipolytic properties.
  • Internal thermal activator that activates the processes of fat combustion and facilitates its elimination through heat receptors, without being irritating to the skin

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