30 ml

Imagen del Rejuven Booster de Tegoder COsmetics

Rejuven Booster, a new cosmetic concept inspired by three of the most demanded medical-aesthetic facial treatments (infiltrations of hyaluronic acid, botox and collagen).
It is a firming and rejuvenating facial booster that enhances, activates and reinforces anti-ageing facial treatments.

Active principles:

Pure and biological hyaluronic acid* of high molecular weight, with high film-forming and hygroscopic capacity that provides intensive hydration, regeneration and dermal densification.

An exclusive Btox-like complex by Tegoder Cosmetics that acts through two presynaptic and one postsynaptic lines. A new botox-like strategy to combat wrinkles and expression lines.

Vegetable collagen (vegan) obtained in plant bio factories with firming and tightening properties.

Stabilised vitamins C, A and E, maintaining all their activity, with a renewing, brightening and antioxidant action.

(*) COSMOS certified by Ecocert.

How to use (home use):
Apply to the face, neck and neckline, twice a day, before or together with the usual anti-ageing treatment serum or cream. It is applicable even at midday as a reinforcement application.

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