Whitening Lux



Presentation: 30 ml

Envase y bote de Whitening Lux Exfoliating Set, tratamiento facial blanqueante

Whitening and illuminating facial treatment that provides uniformity and homogeneity to the ton of the skin. Whitening Lux Exfoliating Set contains:
– Whitening Lux Exfoliating Gel: exfoliating gel, depigmenting, cell renewal and antioxidant.
– Exfoliating Facial Brush: soft brush for the application of the treatment..

Main active ingredients
A genobrightening and illuminating peptide, accompanied by other ingredients of long trajectory and secured by its good results: alpha and polyhydroxy acids, arbutin, glabridin, glycyrrhetic acid, vitamin B3 and chlorella bioferment and white lupine proteins.

How to use
Local hyperpigmentation: in alternate days, apply Whitening Lux Exfoliating Gel and leave on for 2-5 minutes, depending on the skin type. Rinse with cool water. Once a week, apply the gel and rub the spots with the brush no longer that 1 minute.
In atonic skins, apply Whitening Lux Exfoliating gel all over the face once a week, and leave on for 2-5 minutes (the treatment can be strengthened using Whitening Lux Exfoliating Brush). Rinse with cool water..

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