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Imagen Pack Tensefit Face

Tensefit Face Pack

A luxury for your facial skin

Pack of facial care and intensive action that combines caviar, plankton and sea fennel, to fully condition the skin of your face.

What are its results?
Hydrated, revitalized and luminous skin. Provides an immediate firming effect.

  • Caviar Deluxe Serum 30 ml: Concentrated firming facial serum based on pure caviar intended to provide to the skin all the nutrients it need, and revitalize it. From the first application, the skin appears brighter, velvety and soft.
  • Marine&Thermal Algae Lifting Cream 50 ml: Face cream plankton and sea fennel-base formulated, along with other high performance natural active ingredients. It is firming, invigorating and offers an immediate tensor effect.

Gold Orchid Cotton Face Pack

The Flower of Longevity

Facial care pack rich in orchid biosavias and cotton extract, plus other high-efficiency active ingredients. A pack with a great antioxidant and free radical neutralizing power.

What are its results?
correct hydration, nutrition and protection of our skin. A perfect duo to prolong the activity of longevity genes.

  • Gold Orchid Cotton Nectar 30 ml: Concentrated facial serum that reduces and prevents glycation. It moisturizes in depth, prolongs cellular youth and is antioxidant.
  • Gold Orchid Cotton Cream 50 ml: Intensive treatment face cream repairing, nutritious and protective. Enhances the density and luminosity of the skin.
Foto pack Gold Orchid Cotton Face Pack

Absolute Fusion O2 Global Face Pack

Complete and intensive face care

Pack of integral care and intensive action, which favors the oxygenation of the skin, including that of the contour of the eyes, restoring its vitality, luminosity and natural radiance.

What are its results?
A more oxygenated skin, protected from free radicals and hydrated..

  • Absolute O2 Eye Gel 15 ml: Gel with a light texture and an invisible finish, intended for the integral care of eye contour: fatigue, dryness, bags, dark circles, sagging, wrinkles and fine lines. It offers, at the same time, a pleasant feeling of rest.
  • Absolute O2 Cream 50ml: Oxygenating facial cream that deeply moisturizes, protects and softens the skin.
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